Extensible and Reversible Snow Plow JRRX: Engineered for Skid Steer and Agricultural Loader

The JRRX, our innovative extensible and reversible snow plow, is expertly designed for Skid Steer loaders and agricultural loaders, offering unparalleled flexibility and robustness in snow removal. This model is ideal for efficiently managing snow in both residential and light commercial settings, adapting easily to various snow conditions.

Why Choose the JRRX Extensible and Reversible Snow Plow?

With its cutting-edge design and dual functionality, the Extensible and Reversible Snow Plow JRRX stands out as a premier choice for effective snow management. It is tailored to swiftly clear snow with enhanced adaptability, perfect for tight and open spaces alike.

Distinguished by its exceptional durability and versatile capabilities, the JRRX features advanced construction and a design that ensures top performance under challenging conditions without compromising on efficiency or quality.

Detailed Design of the Extensible and Reversible Snow Plow

The JRRX snow plow is engineered with a focus on flexibility and efficiency. Its innovative extensible design allows for rapid adjustment of the plow width, making it perfect for varying snow conditions and widths of areas to be cleared. The reversible feature ensures that the JRRX can easily manage snow against curbs and walls, enhancing its usability in urban environments.

Furthermore, the JRRX's extendable design significantly enhances operational flexibility, allowing for the adjustment of plow width on-the-fly. This capability is crucial for efficiently managing snow removal in diverse settings, from tight residential spaces to expansive commercial properties.

Optimized for Maximum Versatility in Various Environments

The JRRX's design excels in versatility, suitable for both Skid Steer loaders and agricultural loaders. Its capability to expand and contract its plow width allows it to perform exceptionally in both wide-open spaces and narrow urban settings. This dual functionality makes the JRRX an invaluable tool for efficient snow management across various landscape types—from large agricultural fields to congested urban parking lots.

The adaptability of the JRRX is further enhanced by its compatibility with various models of Skid Steers and agricultural loaders, ensuring it can be integrated into existing fleets with minimal adaptation. Whether tasked with clearing snow from intricate alleyways or broad rural expanses, the JRRX offers reliable and adaptable performance.

Detailed Specifications of the Extensible and Reversible Snow Plow

Discover the specifications that make the JRRX a versatile and efficient snow plow for both Skid Steer and agricultural loaders. With its innovative design and adaptable features, this plow is built for outstanding performance across a variety of snow conditions.

  • Reversible Extensible: Allows for efficient snow removal in both forward and backward directions, easily adjusting to varying widths for optimal performance.
  • Synchronized, Fast-Opening, Rephased Cylinders: Ensures quick and smooth extension and retraction of the blade, enhancing maneuverability and response time.
  • Several Accessible Lubrication Points: Designed for easy maintenance, these points help extend the lifespan of the plow and ensure smooth operation.
  • Resistant Paint: High-quality paint that withstands harsh weather conditions and prevents rust, extending the plow’s usability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Compatible with All Makes of Tractors: Universal mounting options make this plow versatile enough to fit any tractor model, increasing its utility across different machines.
  • Customizable Plow Width Settings: Adjustable plow settings to accommodate different snow removal needs, making it suitable for various environment sizes.
  • High-Impact Shock Absorbers: Minimize vibrations and impacts to the tractor, improving comfort for the operator during long hours of operation.


JRRX 6-9.5 6' / 9.5' 24"
JRRX 7-12 7' / 12' 32"

Ideal Combination for Heavy Snow Removal

Optimized Reversible Snow Plow for Skid Steer

The JRRX is expertly designed for Skid Steers, offering an extendable and reversible snow plow that enhances flexibility and efficiency in snow removal. Compatible with all models of Skid Steers, this snow plow is perfect for urban and residential areas where space and maneuverability are at a premium. Its adaptable design efficiently clears snow in tight spaces and around obstacles, making it an indispensable tool for effective snow management.

Robust Snow Plow for Agricultural Loaders

Designed to harness the power of agricultural loaders, the JRRX snow plow excels in handling large volumes of snow, making it an excellent choice for rural and commercial settings. Its robust structure and extendable capabilities allow for broad coverage, ensuring high efficiency in extensive snow clearing tasks. The reversible function adds versatility, enabling effective snow management in diverse conditions.


Black color
Color included as standard
Charcoal color John Deere green color Massey red color Kubota orange color New Holland blue color
Optional colors available

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