Revolutionary Snow Plow Design – Innovative and Patent-Pending Technology.


JROD-S60 Snow Plow: Uniting Raw Power and Technological Innovation for Maximum Durability

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Discover Why the JROD-S60 Snow Plow is Preferred in the USA and Canada for Reliable Snow Removal

Enhanced Durability for Long-Term Performance

Every component of the JROD-S60 snow plow is meticulously crafted to enhance long-term durability. Our design focuses on maximizing the lifespan of wear-prone components, which are made easily replaceable to ensure consistent performance even under the toughest conditions. This commitment to durability not only extends the life of the snow plow but also optimizes its operational efficiency, making it a reliable choice for demanding snow removal tasks.

Unmatched Reliability and Robustness in JROD-S60 Snow Plows with Hydraulic Wings and Angle

Experience unparalleled reliability with the JROD-S60 snow plow, featuring oversized and reinforced hydraulic and mechanical components. Specially designed for excellence, this snow plow ensures optimal performance and exceptional durability. It consistently exceeds expectations, setting new standards in robustness for the industry.

Advanced Innovation and Flexibility in JROD-S60 Snow Plows

An industry breakthrough, the JROD-S60 snow plow features high-end hydraulic cylinders mounted on ball joints, ensuring superior flexibility and extended lifespan. This innovative system is tailored to withstand the most rigorous operations, offering exceptional adaptability and resilience that set new standards in snow plowing efficiency.

Optimal Precision and Maneuverability of JROD-S60 Snow Plows

The JROD-S60 snow plow is equipped with 2-3/4" diameter ear hinges, providing exceptional maneuverability and adaptability under all conditions. This innovative design facilitates smooth and precise operations, making it ideal for overcoming the toughest snow removal challenges with reliability and ease.

Superior Agility and Maneuverability with Compact H27 Angle System on JROD-S60 Snow Plows

The Compact H27 angle system revolutionizes the JROD-S60 snow plow's maneuverability with its innovative design, connecting at two strategic points. This advanced feature offers exceptional agility, enabling easy and precise handling of the snow plow. Optimized for all snow removal scenarios, the Compact H27 angle system ensures superior performance, making it ideal for tackling challenging conditions.

Revolutionary Superiority in Performance of JROD-S60 Snow Plows

The JROD-S60 snow plow stands out with its distinctive design and oversized components, setting new standards for performance and durability in the industry. Specifically engineered to excel in the challenging winter conditions of the Northeastern US, this advanced design ensures exceptional efficiency and resilience, redefining expectations for snow removal in regions where superior performance is critical.

Maximum Durability for Airport Snow Removal

JROD-S60: A sustainable investment for quality airport snow removal. Engineered for minimal maintenance and exceptional longevity, perfectly suited for the challenging winter conditions at airports across Alaska.

Technnical Characteristics

  • Multi-section trip-edge blades for increased precision and efficiency.
  • Trip-edge wing with DX System.
  • 30° angle system with lateral and forward float.
  • 2-3/4” diameter hinge pins, offering strength and durability.
  • Premium hydraulic cylinders mounted on ball joints for unmatched flexibility and longevity.
  • Compact H27 angle system with dual connection points for exceptional maneuverability.
  • Oversized component design for maximum performance and durability.
  • Engineered for maximum long-term durability, each wear component is easily replaceable.
  • Versatile Positioning with 180° Hydraulic Side Wings


JRODS60-10-20 10' / 20' 52" 6 100
JRODS60-10-22 10' / 22' 52" 6 740
JRODS60-10-24 10' / 24' 52" 7 400
JRODS60-10-26 10' / 26' 52" 8 130
JRODS60-10-30 10' / 30' 52" 9 170
JRODS60-12-22 12' / 22' 52" 7 140
JRODS60-12-24 12' / 24' 52" 7 790
JRODS60-12-26 12' / 26' 52" 8 440
JRODS60-12-28 12' / 28' 52" 9 170
JRODS60-12-32 12' / 32' 52" 10 210
JRODS60-24-34 24' / 34' 62" 12 600
JRODS60-24-36 24' / 36' 62" 13 300
JRODS60-24-38 24' / 38' 62" 14 000
JRODS60-24-40 24' / 40' 62" 14 700
JRODS60-24-44 24' / 44' 62" 15 700

* Approximate weight depending on model

Ideal Combination for Heavy Snow Removal

Front loader

The JROD-S60 snow plow, paired with a front loader weighing 30,000 lbs and over, provides unmatched snow removal capabilities. This powerful combination is perfect for handling heavy snowfalls, ensuring rapid and efficient clearing even in the toughest conditions.


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Black color Charcoal color John Deere green color Massey red color Kubota orange color New Holland blue color
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