JROD Commercial Snow Plow: The Premier Choice for Speed, Precision, and Unmatched Quality in Snow Removal

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7 Key Reasons Why JROD Commercial Snow Plow is the Top Choice for Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal Snow Removal

Innovative DX System for Enhanced Snow Removal in Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal Settings

Experience groundbreaking efficiency with the DX System, exclusively designed for snow removal in commercial, industrial, and municipal environments. This advanced system features triggering ear pads that absorb lateral impacts effectively, engineered by our expert team to ensure durability and optimal performance under the toughest conditions.

Built-In Anti-Wear System for Enhanced Wheel Durability

Invest in the JROD commercial snow plow, designed to accelerate your snow removal operations without the risk of wear and tear on your equipment. Our standard-equipped Anti-Wear System ensures increased protection and extends the durability of the wheels, keeping your operations smooth and maintenance-free under rigorous conditions.

Advanced Flexible Carbide Blade for Superior Durability

Our engineering team's rigorous testing has led to the development of an innovative central edge system featuring a flexible carbide blade. Coated with ultra-strong rubber, this blade offers up to eight times the durability of standard blades. The unique layout and mechanism of the central blade system not only ensure a quieter operation but also enable the blade to adapt seamlessly to road imperfections, reducing the need for excessive abrasive and flux application.

Tool-Free Removable Protective Cover for Enhanced Hydraulic Protection

Ever dealt with the frustration of snow clogging your hydraulic system during critical snow removal tasks? We've engineered a solution to keep your operations running smoothly without interruptions. Our JROD commercial snow plow features a unique protective cover that can be removed without any tools, designed to shield the hydraulic system from snow and ice. This innovation not only prevents blockages but also minimizes breakage and premature wear, ensuring your equipment remains in top condition.

Enhanced Protection for Hydraulic Hoses

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, all hydraulic hoses on the JROD commercial snow plow are equipped with a flexible protective sheath. This strategic placement significantly reduces the risk of premature wear, safeguarding your equipment's essential components and maintaining operational efficiency during rigorous snow removal tasks.

Fully Compatible with All Loader and Tractor Attachments on the Market

A critical advantage of the JROD commercial snow plow is its universal compatibility with various loader and tractor attachments available on the market. This ensures that you can maximize the utility and efficiency of your investment, making the JROD an essential tool for your winter operations.

DTX System: Efficient Sidewalk and Street Cleaning for North American Cities

Revolutionize municipal snow removal with the DTX system, available for the JROD-Z 8-18 and JROD-Z 10-20 snow plows. This innovative system allows you to clear both the street and the sidewalk simultaneously in a single pass, saving considerable time and enhancing efficiency. Perfectly suited for the diverse winter conditions of cities across the USA and Canada, the DTX system is an essential upgrade for any municipal fleet.

Technnical Characteristics

  • Multi-section release trip edges for enhanced safety and performance.
  • Trip edges on the wing (DX system) to efficiently manage snow on uneven surfaces.
  • Lateral angulation of the blade up to 30° for precise control.
  • Heavy-duty greasable ear hinges that ensure long-lasting operation.
  • Robust cylinders with interchangeable bushing for easy maintenance.
  • 180° multiple hydraulic side wing positions with independent ear control for versatile plowing configurations.
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers featuring three valves with adjustable bearings, optimizing the hydraulic protection system for the ears and angulation.
  • 12V or 24V triple valve selector installed on the blade, compatible with a single dual output system (optional).
  • Optional flexible carbide blade system that adapts to road imperfections, reducing wear and saving on abrasives.


JRODZ 7-14 7' / 14' 43-1/4" 3220
JRODZ 7-15 7' / 15' 43-1/4" 3400
JRODZ 8-16 8' / 16' 44-3/4" 3920
JRODZ 8-18 8' / 18' 44-3/4" 4430
JRODZ 8-20 8' / 20' 44-3/4" 4620
JRODZ 9-19 9' / 19' 49" N/A
JRODZ 9-21 9' / 21' 49" N/A
JRODZ 10-18 10' / 18' 44-1/2" 4220
JRODZ 10-20 10' / 20' 49" 5120
JRODZ 10-22 10' / 22' 49" 5400
JRODZ 10-22 10' / 22' 49" 5400
JRODZ 10-22 10' / 22' 49" 5400
JRODZ 10-22 10' / 22' 49" 5400
JRODZ 10-22 10' / 22' 49" 5400

* Approximate weight depending on model

Ideal Combination for Snow Removal

JROD snow plow attached to a front loader weighing up to 45,000 lbs, demonstrating robust snow clearing capabilities in harsh conditions

The JROD commercial snow plow, when paired with a front loader weighing up to 45,000 lbs, delivers unparalleled snow removal performance. Ideal for heavy snowfalls, this robust combination ensures rapid and thorough clearing in even the most challenging conditions.

JROD snow plow paired with a 75 HP tractor, showcasing efficient and versatile snow removal across diverse terrains

Coupled with tractors of 75 HP and above, the JROD commercial snow plow excels in versatility and efficiency. This pairing is designed to tackle extensive snow removal tasks, providing reliable and swift clearing across varied terrains.


Yellow color
Color included as standard
Black color Charcoal color John Deere green color Massey red color Kubota orange color New Holland blue color
Optional colors available

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