JRTX-XP: The Best Extendable Push Pull Snow Plow for Residential Use

The JRTX-XP, our advanced extendable push pull snow plow, is the pinnacle of our snow removal equipment. Designed for compact tractors up to 75 HP, it excels in residential snow removal and is perfect for small apartment buildings. With its high clearance, durable construction, and versatile mounting options, the JRTX-XP ensures reliable and efficient snow clearing.

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Why Choose the JRTX-XP Extendable Push Pull Snow Plow?

The JRTX-XP is engineered to deliver superior performance and versatility, making it a top choice for snow removal professionals. Its extendable and reversible design, along with push and pull capabilities, allows for comprehensive snow management in various conditions, enhancing productivity.

Tailored for compact tractors up to 75 HP, the JRTX-XP excels in residential areas and small apartment complexes. Its durable build ensures long-lasting use, while the high clearance (48" to 84") facilitates the handling of substantial snow loads with minimal effort. This plow offers the best value for money, ensuring that your investment translates into consistent, reliable performance.

Snow removal professionals value the JRTX-XP for its user-friendly operation and minimal maintenance needs. The accessible lubrication points and high-quality materials reduce downtime, allowing operators to focus on efficient snow clearing. Additionally, its compatibility with various compact tractor brands ensures broad usability and easy integration into existing fleets.

The JRTX-XP is also trusted by professionals for its ability to handle high volumes of snow, making it ideal for both light and heavy snowfall. Its versatile mounting options and robust construction ensure it can withstand demanding snow removal tasks, providing peace of mind during the harsh winter months.

Enhanced Versatility with XP Extensions

Designed specifically for residential snow removal, the JRTX-XP is the most versatile snow blade on the market. Thanks to the innovative and patented XP Extensions, this snow plow offers unmatched flexibility. The XP Extensions allow you to not only pull but also push the snow when needed, making it incredibly adaptable to various snow clearing scenarios.

The XP Extensions make it easy to maneuver around snow piles, providing access to difficult areas without needing to push the snow. This feature ensures that you can efficiently clear snow without scattering it, maintaining clean and organized pathways. The ability to switch between pushing and pulling snow enhances the efficiency of your snow removal operations, making the JRTX-XP an indispensable tool for both residential properties and small apartment complexes.


Key Features of the JRTX-XP Extendable Push Pull Snow Plow

The JRTX-XP extendable push pull snow plow is engineered to meet the high demands of residential and small apartment snow removal with compact tractors. Its reversible and extensible design, enhanced with the ability to push snow, high clearance, and robust construction, ensures efficient and reliable performance in all conditions.

  • Reversible and Extensible Blade: Equipped with standard attachments and a high clearance harness, providing versatile snow removal capabilities.
  • Push and Pull Capability: Designed to efficiently push and pull snow, increasing its versatility in various snow removal tasks.
  • Synchronized, Fast-Opening, Rephased Cylinders: Ensures rapid and smooth adjustments for optimal maneuverability.
  • High Clearance of 48" to 84": Offers excellent clearance to handle deep snow piles effectively.
  • Several Accessible Lubrication Points: Multiple points for easy maintenance and long-lasting performance.
  • Resistant Paint: High-quality paint that withstands harsh weather conditions and prevents rust.
  • Front Plate Customizable with Your Logo (option): Offers customization to promote your brand identity while in service.
  • Broad Compatibility: Compatible with John Deere, Kubota, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Case, and other tractors.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose the JRTX-XP Extendable Push Pull Snow Plow

  1. Extensible and Reversible: The JRTX-XP offers both extendable and reversible capabilities, allowing for efficient snow removal in various conditions and enhancing its versatility.
  2. Optimal for Compact Tractors: Designed specifically for compact tractors up to 75 HP, making it the perfect choice for residential snow removal tasks and small apartment complexes.
  3. Exceptional Value: Known for offering the best quality-price ratio on the market, the JRTX-XP provides exceptional value for homeowners, property managers, and small businesses.
  4. Push and Pull Capability: With its innovative XP Extensions, the JRTX-XP can both push and pull snow, increasing its efficiency and versatility in various snow removal scenarios.
  5. User-Friendly Operation: The JRTX-XP is designed with the user in mind, offering simple controls and easy handling to ensure a smooth snow removal experience for operators of all skill levels.


JRTX-XP 6-10 6' / 10' 32"
JRTX-XP 7-12 7' / 12' 32"

Ideal Combination for Heavy Snow Removal

JRTX-XP Extendable Push Pull Snow Plow paired with a compact tractor for efficient residential snow removal

When paired with compact tractors, the JRTX-XP extendable push pull snow plow becomes an essential tool for snow removal businesses specializing in residential areas and small apartment buildings. This combination ensures efficient and quick snow clearing, perfect for managing multiple residential properties even in tight spaces.


Black color
Color included as standard
Charcoal color John Deere green color Massey red color Kubota orange color New Holland blue color
Optional colors available

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