3 Point Hitch Snow Plow JRTX-R42: High-Clearance and Versatility for Tractors

The JRTX-R42, our robust 3 point hitch snow plow, is meticulously engineered for agricultural tractors, offering exceptional functionality with its high clearance and versatile mounting options. This model can be installed at either the front or the rear of the tractor, excelling in handling substantial snow loads and making it ideal for agricultural and commercial snow clearing operations.

Why Choose the JRTX-R42 3 Point Hitch Snow Plow?

Designed for superior performance, the JRTX-R42 sets a new standard in snow plow engineering. Its extendable capabilities allow it to cover more ground efficiently, ideal for both wide-open areas and narrow paths.

With its 42-inch high clearance, the JRTX-R42 efficiently positions the plow above and behind snow accumulations, making it ideal for clearing areas with significant snow build-up. This feature ensures effective snow management even in areas with large snowfalls. The plow's versatility is further enhanced by its compatibility with all makes of tractors, equipped to tackle any snow challenge.

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Increased Sustainability - The Reference in the Industry

Engineered to last, the JRTX-R42, our top-tier 3 Point Hitch Snow Plow, exemplifies the JRTX family's commitment to durability. It features premium hydraulic components and robust steel construction, minimizing maintenance while maximizing service life. With its sustainable design, the JRTX-R42 not only meets but sets the industry standards for environmentally conscious snow clearing equipment.

Unmatched Versatility: The Best 3 Point Hitch Snow Plow Clearance

The JRTX-R42 3 Point Hitch Snow Plow remains an industry leader, offering unparalleled versatility with easy front or rear mounting options on any tractor. Its design for effortless, single-person, tool-free installation and broad compatibility with various tractors and loaders makes it the preferred choice for municipal and residential snow removal. Alongside, the new JRTX-X2 snow plow has quickly become a standout success in residential snow clearing, further establishing our brand as a benchmark in the industry.

Detailed Specifications of the 3 Point Hitch Snow Plow

Explore the advanced features of the JRTX-R42, engineered to excel in the most demanding snow removal tasks. This 3-point hitch snow plow combines a remarkable high clearance with the flexibility to mount on tractors, ensuring superior performance in diverse snow environments.

  • Expandable Snow Plow with 3-Point Attachment: Allows for easy adjustment to various widths, enhancing the snow clearing efficiency for both forward and reverse operations.
  • Synchronized, Fast-Opening, Rephased Cylinders: Ensures rapid and smooth adjustment of the blade, improving maneuverability and response time during operations.
  • Very High 42" Clearance: Provides exceptional clearance, allowing it to handle deep snow piles, making it ideal for severe snow conditions.
  • Several Accessible Lubrication Points: Strategically placed for easy maintenance, these points help extend the lifespan of the plow and ensure smooth operations.
  • Resistant Paint: Coated with high-quality paint that withstands harsh weather conditions and prevents rust, preserving both the functionality and appearance of the plow.
  • Front Plate Customizable with Your Logo (option): Offers customization to promote your brand identity while in service.
  • Compatible with all Tractors from John Deere, Kubota, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Case, and others: Ensures broad compatibility, enhancing the plow’s versatility across different machinery.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose the JRTX-R42 3 Point Hitch Snow Plow

  1. Versatile Mounting Options: Whether mounted at the front or the rear, the JRTX-R42 offers exceptional adaptability to both tractors and Skid Steers, enhancing its utility in a variety of snow removal scenarios.
  2. Enhanced Safety: With its balanced design, the rear mounting option helps distribute the tractor's weight more evenly, providing better stability and safety during operation.
  3. Easy Installation: The JRTX-R42 features a three-point hitch system that allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment, making it simple to switch between tasks without wasting time.
  4. Low Maintenance: Designed with accessible lubrication points, the JRTX-R42 requires less frequent maintenance, ensuring long-term durability and reliable performance under tough conditions.
  5. Durable Construction: Built with high-quality hydraulic components and robust steel, the JRTX-R42 withstands harsh weather conditions and prevents rust, guaranteeing a long service life and excellent value for money.


JRTX-R42 7-12 7' / 12' 32"
JRTX-R42 7.5-13 7.5' / 13' 32"
JRTX-R42 8-14 8' / 14' 32"

Ideal Combination for Heavy Snow Removal

High-Clearance Snow Plow for Tractors

The JRTX-R42 is specifically engineered for all tractor types, providing exceptional snow clearing performance with a 42" high clearance ideal for residential areas. Its robust structure and versatility for front or rear mounting make it a superior choice for managing snow efficiently in both urban and rural settings, enhancing drivability and safety during winter seasons.


Black color
Color included as standard
Charcoal color John Deere green color Massey red color Kubota orange color New Holland blue color
Optional colors available

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