Innovative Snow Plow Design – Patented Technology for Residential Use.


The JRTX-X2 compact tractor snow plow revolutionizes residential snow removal, offering unmatched efficiency and adaptability.

20% to 40% more efficient in terms of time and area scraped per hour. More customers for the same time and the same tractor!

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Why Choose the JRTX-X2? Proven Performance and Reliability for Residential Snow Removal in the USA and Canada

Tested and approved by snow removal service operators, the JRTX-X2 residential snow plow stands as a top choice for efficient and reliable snow clearing. Trusted by professionals, it offers the same high standards of quality and durability that define our entire product range.

Revolution in Snow Removal: Lightness and Performance

Discover how the JRTX-X2 residential snow plow revolutionizes residential snow removal service with its unique balance of lightness and high performance. This innovative design leads to better efficiency and cost savings, making it a preferred choice for homeowners seeking effective snow management solutions.

Industry First X2 Technology

The JRTX-X2 introduces patented X2 technology, setting a new standard in compact tractor snow plow design with its innovative and efficient extensions. This groundbreaking technology not only enhances the snow plow's adaptability to various snow conditions but also ensures a smoother, more efficient operation. The X2 technology represents a significant leap forward in snow plow engineering, offering unparalleled flexibility and effectiveness in a range of environments.

Exceptional Scraping Quality Central Pivot

Experience unparalleled scraping quality with the JRTX-X2's central pivot, ensuring even weight distribution and consistent performance in snow removal. This central pivot design is key to maintaining consistent contact with the ground, resulting in cleaner, more efficient snow clearing with the compact tractor snow plow. It reduces the effort required to maneuver the snow plow, making it easier to handle and operate, especially in challenging or uneven terrain.

Advanced Maneuverability: New Harness System

The new harness system of the JRTX-X2 compact tractor snow plow enhances control and maneuverability, a crucial advancement in snow plow technology for effective and efficient snow clearing. This innovative harness system allows for more precise control of the compact tractor snow plow, enabling operators to navigate tight spaces and complex landscapes with ease. The improved maneuverability also means less time clearing each area, increasing overall efficiency and productivity.

Durability and Low Maintenance: Engineered for Longevity

With its multiple lubrication points, the JRTX-X2 compact tractor snow plow is designed for durability, enduring up to 2,000,000 lift cycles with minimal maintenance. The focus on longevity not only ensures a longer lifespan for the snow plow but also translates into significant cost savings over time. Regular maintenance is simplified, thanks to the easily accessible lubrication points, reducing downtime and keeping the snow plow in action when it's needed most.

Technical Characteristics of the JRTX-X2 Compact Tractor Snow Plow

  • Extensible Snow Plow: Unique design for optimal snow removal efficiency.
  • Synchronized, Fast-Opening Cylinders: Enhanced rapid deployment for quick response.
  • 48" High Clearance: Ideal for deep snow conditions.
  • Accessible Lubrication Points: Ensures durability and easy maintenance.
  • Baked-On Resistant Paint: Long-lasting protection against harsh elements.
  • Customizable with Logo Option: Personalize your snow plow for brand visibility.
  • Compatible with Major Compact Tractors: Fits John Deere, Kubota, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Case, and more.


JRTX-X2 6-12 6' / 12' 30"
JRTX-X2 7-14 7' / 14' 30"

Ideal Combination for Snow Removal

JRTX-X2 snow plow paired with a compact tractor, showcasing efficient snow removal for residential services

When paired with compact tractors, the JRTX-X2 compact tractor snow plow becomes an essential tool for snow removal businesses specializing in residential areas. This combination ensures efficient and quick snow clearing, perfect for managing multiple residential properties even in tight spaces.


Black color
Color included as standard
Charcoal color John Deere green color Massey red color Kubota orange color New Holland blue color
Optional colors available

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