3 Point Hitch Snow Plow JROD-H: Built for Heavy Tractors

The JROD-H, our 3-point hitch snow plow, is meticulously engineered for heavy tractors over 95 HP, offering unmatched durability and efficiency in snow removal. Designed to tackle extensive snow clearing tasks, this model excels in both commercial and industrial settings where power and precision are essential.

Why Choose the JROD-H 3 Point Hitch Snow Plow?

With its robust design and specialized features, the 3 Point Hitch Snow Plow JROD-H stands out as a top choice for professional snow management. It is engineered to efficiently manage both small and large-scale snow removal tasks, making it a versatile tool for any snow-clearing operation.

Renowned for its exceptional strength and reliability, the JROD-H features a high-strength steel construction and a design optimized for challenging environments, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of heavy use without compromising performance.

Detailed Design of the 3 Point Hitch Snow Plow

Every aspect of the 3 Point Hitch Snow Plow JROD-H has been crafted with precision. Its unique three-point hitch system allows for seamless adaptation to varied terrain, enhancing its effectiveness on uneven surfaces. Multi-section release knives and the DX system for triggering ear pads add to its meticulous snow clearing capability while preserving the underlying surfaces.

Additionally, the JROD-H includes advanced safety features such as triggering ear pads and robust hydraulic cylinders, which improve the operator's control and the machine's responsiveness. These features collectively enhance the safety and efficiency of snow removal operations, particularly in demanding commercial and industrial settings.

Optimized for Agricultural and Commercial Settings

The versatility of the 3 Point Hitch Snow Plow JROD-H extends to its compatibility with multiple types of tractors. This compatibility, coupled with its robust design, makes it an excellent choice for managing snow in both expansive and confined areas. Whether it's a large parking lot or a narrow access road, the JROD-H performs reliably and effectively.

The JROD-H’s adaptability extends to its use with a variety of heavy tractors, making it an excellent choice for clearing snow in large agricultural fields, commercial parking lots, and other expansive areas. Whether it's managing heavy snowfall on farm roads or clearing large commercial properties, the JROD-H performs reliably and efficiently.

Detailed Specifications of the 3-Point Hitch Snow Plow

Discover the specifications that make the JROD-H a reliable and efficient snow plow for heavy tractors. Engineered with heavy-duty construction and adaptable features, this plow is built for superior performance.

  • Model specifically designed without angulation and equipped with an R42 Commercial lift for streamlined operation.
  • Includes a push bar for clearing large parking lots, enhancing efficiency in vast snow removal areas.
  • Equipped with multi-section release knives for effective snow clearing across diverse environments.
  • Features triggering ear pads (DX system) for improved snow handling and impact absorption.
  • Heavy-duty, greasable ear hinges ensure prolonged durability and easy maintenance.
  • Robust hydraulic cylinders with interchangeable bushings offer versatile performance under demanding conditions.
  • Optional flexible carbide blade system adapts seamlessly to road imperfections, reducing wear and saving on abrasives.


JROD-H 7-14 7' / 14' 43-1/4"
JROD-H 8-16 8' / 16' 44-3/4"

Ideal Combination for Heavy Snow Removal

Tractor over 95 HP compatible with JROD-H for efficient snow clearing

Designed for tractors of 95 HP and more, the JROD-H, with its robust 3-point hitch, optimizes snow removal efficiency, making it ideal for larger tractors engaged in extensive snow clearing tasks. This model's specialized hitch system ensures a solid and secure attachment for reliable performance in demanding conditions.


Yellow color
Color included as standard
Black color Charcoal color John Deere green color Massey red color Kubota orange color New Holland blue color
Optional colors available

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