AR-64 Harvester Helper: Standardize Picking Speed While Optimizing Worker Ergonomics

New agricultural technology to increase productivity and provide more comfortable working conditions for pickers.


Find out more about the many advantages of the harvester helper below.

A Harvester Helper to Optimize and Increase Productivity

Optimum working posture

Protects from sun and rain

Low-friction floating skate system

Carriage direction adjustment module

The pickers are synchronized and all move at the same pace as the tractor.

Cart lifting system

Retractable roof and wheel steering system

In addition to boosting productivity, the AR-64 harvester helper makes workers' jobs easier.

Guy Pouliot, Onésime Pouliot Farm

Harvester helper used by Ferme Onésime Pouliot farm

Optimum Comfort: Ergonomic Working Positions

The AR-64 harvester helper has been designed for optimum picker comfort. It allows them to alternate between different positions: kneeling, sitting, or crouching. What's more, unlike the traditional method where workers have to push their packages, with the AR-64 this constraint is eliminated, further reducing fatigue.

Climate Protection: Protection from Sun and Rain

Long days under a blazing sun or showers can be exhausting. The roof of the AR-64 harvester's helper protects pickers, allowing them to concentrate on their work without worrying about the weather.

Productivity Uniformity: Uniform, Efficient Picking

The AR-64 harvester assistant guarantees constant and increased harvesting. In an ergonomic environment, pickers are more productive. In addition, by being guided by the tractor, the machine ensures a uniform speed for all pickers, facilitating unloading of the fruit.

Mobility and Personalization: Transport Adaptability

The AR-64 harvester helper, despite its impressive width, is designed to be transported from field to field and even on the road thanks to its unique retraction system. It is fully customizable, meeting the specific needs of each grower with 46' and 64' width options.

Advantages and Technical Features

  • 64' Picking Width (also available in 46'): Offers wide coverage, significantly reducing the number of passes required to harvest a field, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Harvest Away from Sun and Rain: Provides protection for workers from harsh weather conditions, ensuring continuous operation and worker comfort regardless of the weather.
  • Alignment System for Adjustable Carts: Ensures precise alignment of carts, allowing for smoother operation and reducing the likelihood of damage to crops during the harvesting process.
  • Optimum Field of Vision from the Tractor: Designed to offer the tractor operator a clear and unobstructed view, enhancing safety and accuracy while navigating through the fields.
  • Low-Friction Cart Glides: Equipped with specially designed glides to minimize friction, facilitating easier and more efficient movement of carts.

  • Ergonomic Work Environment: Provides an ergonomically designed workspace that reduces strain on workers, allowing them to maintain high productivity levels over longer periods.
  • Forward Speed from 0.2 to 0.7 km/h: Adjustable speed settings ensure the harvester can operate at the optimal pace for different crop types and conditions, enhancing the quality of the harvest.
  • Cart Lifting System: Enables easy lifting and handling of carts, reducing physical strain on workers and speeding up the harvesting process.
  • Retractable Roof: Features a roof that can be retracted or extended as needed, providing flexibility and additional protection from the elements when required.
  • Wheel Drive System: A robust drive system that ensures reliable performance across various terrains, maintaining stability and efficiency during operation.
  • Storage Hooks for Workers: Conveniently placed hooks for storing tools and personal items, helping to keep the workspace organized and accessible.


AR-64 64'
AR-46 46'

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